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weekend house


sildegarnsholmen, remøy 2012 - 2016

An old warehouse was washed away by an extreme storm in 1992. We are allowed to erect a new building with the same volume. The new building is completely anonymous when not in use, but transforms when it is inhabited. 7 steel frames establish the main construction. Four wooden boxes are hung in these frames, and it is all covered in a timber envelope



Shortlisted to European Mies van der Rohe award 2017

Shortlisted to NAL architecture award

Nominated to Norwegian Steel Construction Award


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- ArkitekturN no6-2016

- New Nordic Architecture, 2017, Archipress M, Copenhagen, Denmark

- House Bøe/Møller – Weekend house Straume, asBUILT 18, Pax, Oslo, 2017

- News in Nordic Architecture, Ibler, Archipress M, Copenhagen, 2017

- EU mies award 17 – the jury selection, fundacio mies van der rohe, Barcelona, 2017

- Wood Architecture today , Andreu Bach, booq publishing SL, Barcelona, 2018

- archdaily 2019

- archello 2019

- New Nordic Houses, Bradbury, Thames&Hudson, London, 2019

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The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes – Series 2:7. Norway, 2018, BBC

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Inger Marie Grini

Mark Elst

Kristoffer Ytterland

Peter Straume

The Architect

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