enebolig/single family house


oslo 2004-07


The house is conceived as two distinct elements, the concrete part takes care of bathrooms, storage, stairs etc, while a folded timber envelope encloses the rest of the program. A 18m long carp pond shelters the garden from the entrance pathway.


In 2011 the project was finalist for the Oslo City Prize for Architecture.




- Norwegian talks, architetture di Knut Hjeltnes, Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk e Jensen&Skodvin, Flora and Postiglione, Quodlibet studio, Macerata, Italy, 2010

- architettura contemporanea norvegese, Palermo, Italy, 2009

- asBUILT-no2, House Kollstrøm/Østberg, Pax forlag, Oslo, Norway, 2010

- ForumAID-04/07, Stockholm, Sweden

- Life-element-08/10, Guangzhou, The Peoples Republic of China