nordic artist's centre


dale 1994-97


In collaboration with Haga and Grov Architects and Ivar Egge Architect.


Housing, ateliers and common workshops for artists on a beautiful site in Western Norway. The main facade is clad with woven juniper branches.


In 2000 the project was awarded Anton Christian Houen Fund's Certificate.




- Byggekunst - 07/97, Oslo, Norway

- de Architect - december/00, Gravenhage, The Netherlands

- Priset arkitektur 1904-2000 (2000), bygninger belønnet med A.C. Houens fondsdiplom, Ulf Grønvold, Norsk Arkitekturforlag, Oslo, Norway

- Residential complexes (1999), Arian Mostaedi, Carlos Broto i Coma/Links, Barcelona, Spain